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Jimmy Marquis is an acoustic singer/songwriter drawing strong inspiration from modern folk music and Americana. He uses a variety of instrumentation to create a unique musical experience that everyone can enjoy! 

Raised in Cary, Illinois, Jimmy Marquis started writing music as young as 12 years old with a close friend of his. From there his passion for music grew. He went on to get a music degree from The University of Iowa in Iowa City. This helped to refine his skills and voice. 

After College, Jimmy worked as a music therapist full time while playing in an acoustic duo known as East Fourteen. They recorded an album called "City Soil, Prairie Lights" while continuing to play shows on the weekend. 

In 2012, The Marquis Brothers were formed. This duo, made up of Jimmy and Dan Marquis,  played many shows around the Chicagoland area. When Dan decided to pursue a new avenue in music, Jimmy was left trying to decide what the next best route would be. 


While raising two children with his beautiful wife Cassie, Jimmy found that going on to play solo would be the best route.  He took time to build his show with songs that spoke to him while also continue to compose his own music. You can find Jimmy playing shows most weekends around the northwest suburbs. 

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